Bonding with Baby

Those first days at home can seem so daunting and so tiresome. Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, those little, precious beings can be a lot of work and not always understanding why baby isn't sleeping or eating or is fussy can be upsetting. We all want to see our babies healthy and happy. First step, breathe. Relax. I had to remind myself repeatedly that women have been doing this for centuries and that we can do this!!!!

Keep baby close, skin to skin to SO calming for mama and baby. In fact, studies show that skin to skin can also help regulate a fevered baby's body temperature.

Allow yourself the down time, if able, to rest, get lots of healthy liquids, and when they say to sleep when baby sleeps, they aren't kidding.

Taking care of mama means that mama is happy and healthy to take care of her baby and then her household.

Allow yourself to take off the Superwoman cape for just a little while.

It's ok. The world will still be revolving when you're ready to put the cape back on.